Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 part mani: Step 3: Nail Art: Revlon "Silver Dollar"

This mani was, I mean followed exactly step by step, based on a Nailside tutorial here:
It's amazing, isn't it?? 
I was scanning the web for some nail art designs. I was thinking lightning bolts, and this tutorial hit the nail on the head. No pun intended. :P 

Nailside is an amazing blogger with very easy to follow tutorials. Thank you for your hard work!!! 

Anyway, here's my attempt at this scotch tape mani:

Here's step 1 of this mani->Step 1: Polish: Barry M "Indigo"
Here's step 2 of this mani->Step 2: Layering: Revlon "Stunning"
and here is my pre-mani nail care routine->Beneath All My Manis


  1. I LOVE the blue and black nail!! As soon as all my children go to bed I'm trying it =)

  2. Well done!! I LOVE the glitter with the silver :-D So spacy ^^