Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I LOVE INCOME TAX TIME!!! Helmer, Camera, Kindle Fire time!!!

I don't mind claiming "0" on my employee tax forms. Sure, they take more out, but when you have kids, it's like taking out a savings account that accrues all year.

Anyway, I paid my bills and house forward, fixed up my minivan, bought gifts for my children and then momma went shopping. Woohoo!!! I got a new camera and a Helmer and a Kindle Fire. Yay!!!

The camera was for blogging.
The Kindle was for reading blogs.
And the Helmer was for my lovely bunch of polishes. :)

  • Red Helmer: I'll be sure to post new stash shots when this baby arrives and is put together and is full of polish. Can you believe I paid $25 to ship a $40 item?? I sure hope it's all I ever dreamed of. 

  • A Red Camera: it's just a point and shoot. But it's certainly a step up from my cell phone. Because, in case you didn't already know, all of my blog photos were taken and edited from my cell phone camera. Not bad for a cell phone...but not quite blog quality either. So far I love this camera! I have owned 3 point and shoots in my day, all different brands (Sony, Fuji, Olympus), and I have to say, this Canon is by far the best! 

  • And a Kindle Fire, that would have also been red, if that were an option: This is my first Kindle. I got it so I could read my blogs on it. So far I love it. It's super fast! I can download Android games and apps on it. I have my Netflix on it. You can surf the web super fast and of course good ol; Facebook is on there. I even have a scientific calculator on there. Just in case I ever need to create a loan amortization schedule or something. You never know. 

Snapshot on my new camera

 Oooohhh Macro shot!!!

Mmmmm...clearance Vday candy!!!!!! Don't you dare judge me!!! :P

Nails and a Kindle

My blog on my blog.......

My $7 glittery fiesta Kindle cover. Yay!!!! Glitter makes me happy!!!!

Oh...and red: That also makes me happy. I have a red problem.....


  1. I <3 this post. Red and glitter, it doesn't get much better than that.

  2. I have the same cover in cover, I mean and I love the Kindle's case..........really LOVE!!

  3. Love all your new stuff. So jealous. I haven't even thought about doing my taxes yet!

  4. I love all the red and glitter! Haha, having a red problem is cool!

  5. I am so get income tax back. I owe the feds $2900.00 dollars. Can you believe it. Oh well...congrats...I just got the red helmer too. I absolutely love my exact same Canon...except in silver...and I got the Nook tablet for Xmas. You are one lucky girl...I'd probably blown that kind of money on polish. Yikes, can we say Addicted!

  6. By the way...I love how you coordinate with your Kindle cover...and that gorgeous Coach purse...with the RED!

  7. I love all your goodies. I remember when I use to get tax money back! It was like Christmas. Enjoy my girl. You've worked all year for it!
    Much love.

  8. Always good to spoil yourself when you get extra cash!

    Love everything you got. Love the kindle cover a lot!