Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Additions to the Polish Family

My red Helmer is here, put together, and all filled with lovelies! Yay! I ordered it online, and the photo made it look like a cherry wood, but's fire engine red metal. I wasn't sure I liked this at first, but hey...I love red!!! I'll be posting new stash shots soon.

I picked up a couple of the polishes from the China Glaze Magnetix Collection. I was so excited to get these. They have been on my wishlist for a while. I have been stalking the sales clerks at Sally's Beauty Supply all month to get my picks. My local Sally's only carries a few bottles of new collections and they sell quickly. So I wanted first dibs. I got the clerk to dig these out of the back for me. 

China Glaze Pull Me Close- a blue shimmery metallic
China Glaze You Move Me- a shimmer metallic gold/brown

I swatched these out quickly. The magnets worked good. But I can see I'm going to need a little practice with the technique and not touching the magnets to the polish. LOL!

This reminds me of wood-grain. Gorgeous!

I'm glad they sent tons of instructions!

Sally's was having a sale where you got the magnet free with the purchase of two bottles of the polish. Win!!!

I picked these bottles from the OPI Holland Collection

OPI Pedel Faster Suzi- Shimmery Pink
OPI I Have A Herring Problem- Shimmery dark blue with a hint of grey, reminds me of denim

So shimmery and lovely!

Hey OPI...I paid $8 for you to put a jank ass brush in the bottle? Is that a pube?


  1. oh em gee...that brush creeped me out yo! >.< haha... loove all the polishes you got.. I wish my place was big enough for a helmer..your's looks so nice ^_^

  2. loving the two opi's! those are on my wishlist :)
    show us how the helmer looks like inside with the polishes :D

  3. you did great as usual! Love that red helmer!

  4. Love the helmer...I have the exact same one!