Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Impromptu Review: One 'n Only Argan Oil and Goody Spin Pins

I was getting ready for the day and came across a few of my favorite bathroom items. I thought I would do a quick little review and share these products with you.

The first is One 'N Only Argan Oil. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply to try to find something for my hair to get rid of my winter frizz. My hair isn't super frizzy, but the ends look dry from time to time. I was looking for something that wouldn't harden my hair. I can't stand feeling "product" in my hair. In fact, I rarely use products at all.

This product was what the employee suggested. I loved it. It smells so lovely and it did the trick. But here's a WARNING and it's a big one. ONLY USE A TEENY TINY BIT!!! A little goes a long way and if you just start slathering this stuff root to tip, you're going to look like you dipped your head in an oil spill. I wait till my hair is completely dry so I know exactly where I need the stuff. I rub a teeny bit of it on the tips of my finger and then rub it into the ends of my hair, since that's my only dry spot problem area. It makes my hair smell sweet and the frizz is gone.

Now for these odd little things. They are Goody Spin Pins. I have had these a while. This is my second set purchased because my kids knocked my first set into the drain. I recommend these pins to anyone who has long hair. They are AMAZING!!! They give you super strong hold in your hair. I like to use them to put my hair into a sloppy bun or to put it up halfway. The box has a few style ideas on it. They sell these everywhere they sell hair accessories. I believe they retail for less than $5.


  1. Awesome! I want to try those pins!!

  2. You should. They are nifty little things. I was shocked that they were able to hold up my hair. My hair isn't thick, but there's a lot of it.