Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Julep Maven: My Review: Sienna and Emilie Swatches

Julep Maven is a new program where you pay a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 to receive manicure and pedicure samples and seasonal colors of Julep polish. Normally I would not have signed up for this, but they are having a promotion for the month of November where you get your first box for only $5 (that includes your shipping). I took the quiz to profile my taste. The system chose "It Girl".

My first box had two bottles of polish: a green-"Emilie" and a gold- "Sienna". I liked both colors right away. They were definitely my style and definitely in season. So that was a plus. I also got a full size bottle of their hand scrub and two samples of lotion.

My overall verdict: While I enjoyed the box overall, there was nothing so special about it that would make it worth spending $20 a month on. The bottles of polish are on the small side and there isn't anything noteworthy about them. I didn't care much for the hand scrub. I'm sure I'll use it up, but I was expecting my hands to be softer after I used it, and they weren't. I would say, if the boxes were half the price, I would be willing to continue the subscription. But as of today, I am thankful there was no obligation to maintain my subscription, because I will be cancelling it.

That being said, $5 was a heck of a deal!!!! I highly recommend that you buy this box and check it out for yourself. See what you think. If you order through the month of November and use the code "NOVEMBER5" at checkout, you receive your first box, shipping included for only $5. I even bought one for my best friend Sarah from The Giveaway Lifestyle so she could try it out with me. She should be getting hers any day now. There is no obligation to remain a member. So try the $5 box. See if you think it's worth the monthly fee or not. If you decide not to continue, you have until the 25th of the following month to cancel your subscription and you won't be charged for the next month's box.

Here's a link if you would like to try the Julep Maven box for November for only $5. Don't forget to use the code. This is a special referral link to the site that gives me credit for sending you. So make sure this is the one you use if you would like to become a member. I get a $15 store credit for referring people. I would love to get some more Julep polish for free. :)

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