Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bitchy Elves Workshop

My two best friends Erin and Sarah from The Giveaway Lifestyle decided to start a little Xmas group. We wanted to morph together each of our craft/chef/design powers to form one unified Xmas super group that I have dubbed "The Bitchy Elves Workshop". We even have a Facebook group page so we can bounce ideas and lists back and forth. We are going to work on making Xmas gift baskets for our close friends and family.

These baskets will be composed of different craft and edible items that we have each created. They will be beautifully packaged in boxes and bows, as though they were designer club member boxes. We can tailor them to each individual person and family. And by collaborating our efforts we will be able to fill the boxes with a more diverse collection of thoughtful, useful hand crafted foods and gifts. We have some great ideas like personalized stockings and ornaments, homemade candles, ready made baking mixes and much much more.

This idea can be a cost savings to us in many ways. One way, is that we can buy in bulk. That will make the overall cost of the baskets cheaper. We can save a lot of baking and creation time, by specializing in a few food or craft items on our own, and simply trading items for each other's baskets.

Not only is this time and cost effective but it's fun and I get to spend time with my closest friends. "Assembly Day" will be a fun filled evening of wine and laughter as we carefully piece together our amazing Xmas gifts. Sarah and I have already decided we would like to craft a special gift box specifically for a Holiday Giveaway on our blogs. Since our readers are special to us. So be sure you stay tuned to our blogs for your chance to win.

It's fun to work together with friends on projects. Even if you all just get together to have a massive gift wrapping session to make light of some holiday busy work. What do you think of our idea? Do you have any friends who you would make a good team with this Xmas?


  1. I think that sounds like a neat idea. I don't have any local friends though so I can't do anything like that.

  2. Actually, that could still work long distance. You all agree to make a crafts or baked goods in large quantities and trade each other through the mail. It would be a fun way to stay connected. But don't do it with your non-crafty friends that can't cook. Because their stuff sucks. LOL! I'm kidding. I guess I'm just saying, don't make somebody do something they aren't good at, or they won't enjoy it.