Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SWATCH/REVIEW: Zoya "Zenith" Winter/Holiday Collection 2013

ZOYA "Zenith"
Winter/Holiday Collection 2013
Set to release October 1, 2013

Three coats with topcoat. The color of this polish is where silver meets white with a lot of shimmer mixed in. It's really an amazing shade. 

Two coats with topcoat. This is supposed to be a pewder metallic polish. But I do think it leans toward a pine green. This is a color I swear I've seen before from Zoya. Sure it's pretty, but you might want to make sure you don't already own something similar to this. 

Two coats with topcoat. This is a deep purple polish with blue and pink shimmer to it. Again, I think I've seen this polish before. I meant to compare it to "Neve" from the recent Satin Collection, but I didn't get around to it. 

ONE COAT NO TOPCOAT. This polish is a lovely cranberry jelly finish loaded with lots of fine particle holographic glitter. Very very very pretty! 

Two coats, with topcoat. This polish is a deep blue jelly polish with lots of holographic glitter in it. This polish is stunning. 

Two coats, with topcoat. This is an icy blue glitter polish. It has lots of sky blue iridescent micro bar and tiny hex glitters all suspended in a sky blue tinted base. I just love this polish! So much I had to play with it and try it over a few different colors. 

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Overall Review
I was so excited when these beauties arrived that I couldn't wait to show them off. Zoya did a wonderful job catching the icy chill of winter with this collection. While I'd say Cassedy and Belinda are colors I could possibly do without, all the others are simply stunning and a must own for all you Zoya collectors. 

So what do you think of these lovely holiday shades of polish? Which one is your favorite? Are you going to purchase any of these next month when they come out? 


  1. These are really pretty - Payton and Dream are my favorites!

  2. WOAH!!! These look good!!!
    I will have to check them in person soon!!! Amazing swatches, thank you!!!