Sunday, September 15, 2013

SWATCH/REVIEW: Barielle "Sophisticated Lady" Fall 2013 Collection

I have a lovely new collection to show you today from Barielle. 
It was just released this month and is perfect for the fall season. 
This is the 
"Sophisticated Lady" Collection

Here's some press info. I figured rather than type it all out, I would just photograph the flyer. 

And here is each color up close: 
London High Tea
Two coats with topcoat

In Good Taste
Two coats, with topcoat

Tres Chic
Two coats, with topcoat

Dinner At 8
Two coats, with topcoat

Two coats, with topcoat

Overall Review
These polishes are all lovely fall shades. My favorite was the pink "London High Tea". It has a nice subtle shimmer that brings the polish to life. The formulas for all the polishes were just great. I really have come to trust the quality of these polishes. 

If you like these polishes you can ENTER TO WIN THEM! 
That's right, Barielle is giving one lucky winner a chance to win this collection plus several other great prizes. 
To enter, just visit their Facebook page. Or you can follow this link:


For more info about Barielle and there array of products visit their website:
*special thanks to Barielle for providing me with these lovely polishes to show you all today.*

So what do you think of these polishes? Which is your favorite? What great Barielle shades do you own/love? 

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