Sunday, May 12, 2013

NAIL/WINE NIGHT: My Friends' Nails

Every week I invite my closest girl friends over to enjoy a few glasses of wine, catch up on things and I paint up everyone's nails. I enjoy this night of the week very much. 

Here are this week's manis: 

Samantha's Nails

Sarah's Nails

Jen's Nails

Erin's Nails

Lacie's Nails

Andrea's Nails

China Glaze "No Plain Jane"

Deja's Nails

Kim's Nails

Amber's Nails

Robyn's Nails

WOW! I did work son! That's a lot of painted nails!!! As some of you can see, two ladies ended up having me use the same tropical gradient mani I was wearing at the time. How flattering!!! 

So which mani is your favorite? Do you have wine/nail nights?


  1. Actually - Unicorn looks very pretty over Orange!
    hmmmm.... I am sure it will also look amazing over Banana :-P

    but these are soooooooooooo cool!! And I desperately need to do a Watermelon, Orange and Banana shake too!!!

  2. I love Jen's the best. And a lot of your friends have really short nails, especially Sarah.

    Are those Amber's really nails?

    1. Amber was wearing acrylic nails. :) And short nails are nice too. I wear mine all different lengths and short nails don't bother me one bit. In fact, they are much easier to deal with, I think.

    2. Oh, I'm not saying anything against short nails, as I have a hard time getting mine to grow and not constantly break, so usually they are short.

  3. I desparately want to come to wine/nail night!!! Are you close at all to southeast Iowa? None of my friends are so into nails and polish like I am and they all think I've lost my mind with all the polish I've accumulated! Maybe I need to find a (support) group of friends that like polish! lol!
    By the way, ALL the manis look lovely!!

    1. I'm in Ohio. But you should host one! You'd be surprised how many people will show up. it's fun!

  4. Wow, you were busy this time! I like the tropical gradients, they're fun and bright and summery.