Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NAIL ART: My "Tiger" Polish + Tiger Paws =

I am always wearing my own polish and trying to come up with fun little art ideas to go with it. Today, I did a tiger themed mani using last year's "Tiger" polish from my "Animals Polish Line". 
I added some fun little paw stamps to create a bright and colorful tiger themed mani. 

For the base of this mani I used 2 coats of my "Tiger" polish. I love how the orange jelly is dark enough to hide the nail line, but see-through enough to see all the black bar glitters layered through the polish. I LOVE JELLIES!!!

This polish is very near and dear to me. I created it in honor of my Alma Mater Massillon Washington Highschool. Our mascot was the tiger. Every Friday I looked forward to dressing in orange and black for the football games. Highschool days are long gone for me, but I have 3 little boys now, who will be Tigers one day too. So I still have plenty of orange and black days to come. 

This polish as well as my others are currently available in my store. 
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So what do you think of this mani?