Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have a vibrant St. Patrick's day mani to show you today. I'm hoping it will last for the weekend, but you never can know when it comes to polish. 
I did this mani in 4 steps, but this was the final product: 

I had not originally intended to do 4 layers. I just kept adding to this every day or so and this is how it ended up. Here's what I started with: This is 2 coats of a NOT YET RELEASED matte green pastel polish from my upcoming Spring Polish Line. It's called Green Goddess. I wouldn't have worn it so early, but it was just sitting there, on the shelf, and I had to wear it for a holiday mani. Couldn't resist. 

Next I added 1 coat of my "Shamrock" polish. 

I wore that little combo around for a while and then decided to sponge on Zoya "Holly" which is a lovely emerald shimmer polish and I put a few white stamps on accent nails. 

Shamrock Polish, my entire St. Patrick's Day  line and all my other polishes are in stock at 

"Green Goddess" is an addition to last year's Spring Matte Pastel Line. It is one of 3 BRAND NEW SHADES! I will be making a release and giveaway announcement sometime next week for these new colors. Stay tuned to my social media sites for upcoming details. 

Fun nail art is one of my favorite things about the holidays 
Have you been wearing holiday nails' or polishes? What do you think of this festive mani? 


  1. WOAH!!! This is so pretty!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Green Goddess is gorgeous! Minty greens are my favorite color of polish to wear. Maybe it's because I ate so much mint chocolate chip ice cream as a kid :)

    1. Thank you Erin! Then this may just be the perfect color for you!