Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I wanted to share this little mini haul with you all. I went to our town plaza where we have a Sally Beauty Supply, Bath and Body Works, Walmart and lots of other stores. I haven't shopped for myself much lately but I decided to splurge a little and get a few things. I'm only disappointed that I didn't come across any good polishes on my trip. That's typical in my town though, we are dead last to get ANYTHING! 

Here's what I got from the trip: 

These items are a necessity in my polish stash. These yellow block files are super gentle on natural nails and I use them to finish the edges of my nails before I polish them. I also love the large size birchwood sticks that Sally sells. I use them for just about everything from pushing back cuticles to cleaning under my nails. They are also soft and gentle on my natural nails. Both items are less than $1 each and are a nail care staple for me. 

Well folks, it's almost sandal weather around these parts and it's time to get my heels looking baby soft. These inexpensive, $2 foot files are awesome! This is a replacement for the one I currently have which is over a year old. I'm not even sure it needed replaced, but I bought one anyway. 

This file works great on feet. I use it in the shower after my feet have had a chance to soften up a bit. It has 4 different surfaces to buff your feet with. I start with the largest surface and work my way down to the fine grade file. I have used all sorts of pumice stones and files and this is the best one I have ever  used. Hands down. I follow this shower routine by putting foot balm all over my feet and putting on my socks. Wearing socks is a little trick I learned that helps the foot balm soak into the feet. 

I use cuticle remover during every mani. I am not picky, so far, about what brand I use. I try a different one just about every time I buy a new bottle. I did try this one last night and I REALLY LIKE IT! It's one of the better ones I've used, and although it's a small bottle, it's very reasonably priced at only $3 a bottle. Really though, they all do just about the same thing. I've heard of people using plain old dish soap as a cuticle softener/remover. 

Good ol' Pure Acetone. I don't waste my time with any other remover. I've tried lots of removers, from Zoya to blended remover. 100% Acetone is now all I use. I go through this stuff like water! It's sold everywhere, including Walmart. I get the best price on it at Sally's: this is a 16 oz. bottle for only $3. 

Argon Oil! One bottle and I was obsessed. I see it's in a lot of products now ranging from shampoos to nail care products (It's one of the main ingredients in my Cutie Balm! ). I love using it in my hair. I am Italian and I have thick, coarse hair and this stuff nourishes my dry ends without making my hair look greasy. I have always used the drops, so this will be my first time trying the spray. 

Ever had a bottle of clumpy or thick polish? Well this is the solution! In the past I used plain acetone to dilute my old polishes, but over the years I've learned that this is a MAJOR POLISH FAUX PAS! Acetone can break the polish down and ruin the glitters and colors inside of them. This is what you use. It's a huge bottle, lasts forever and only costs $3. After all, aren't your polishes worth it? 

As you can see I had a few great coupons. One that came in the mail for 15% off and the awesome $10 off coupon that The Traceface Philes posts every month on her blog. I love those coupons! 

Next up are a few things I picked up at Bath and Body Works. I love candles! They had all their new Spring scents out and I couldn't resist. Their 3-wick jar candles are on sale right now 2 for $22. I had a 20% off coupon and a coupon for a free bottle of hand sanitizer that came in the mail . My grand total was $18. Not bad! These scents are amazing! 

As for this candy, well, all the Easter goodies just hit the shelves at Walmart. I couldn't resist trying out a few things. YUMMEH! 

What do you guys think of my mini haul? Did I do okay?
Have you splurged on yourself lately?