Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SWATCHFEST: All That Glitters "Autumn Bomb", "Holiday Spotty Dottie" and MORE!

Check out these beautiful holiday polishes I received from All That Glitters. 
"Autumn Bomb"
"Holiday Spotty Dottie"

I love her business card! Glitter macros make me weak in the knees!!!! 

"Autumn Bomb" is a dense mix of brown, green and orange glitters. It really captures the harvest colors perfectly. 

"Holiday Spotty Dotty" is a mix of red hexes, red bars, green hexes and green bars all in a clear base. This is a festive twist to the All That Glitters signature "Spotty Dottie" line up. A glitter polish like this, in these colors,  is a holiday MUST HAVE! 

Here's two coats of each on a clear swatch spoon. 

Now for swaches!
First up is "Autumn Bomb". I was having trouble picking underwear for this polish so, I used two different ones: light and dark. I layered the glitter over one coat of "Cocoa" and one coat of "Coffee", on every other finger. 

Here's one thick coat of "Autumn Bomb" layered over "Coffee" and "Cocoa". This polish is very dense with glitter and could easily be worn alone with not undies at all. 

 Now onto "Holiday Spotty Dottie". I was most excited to try on this festive polish. I decided to use Circus "Reverso for layering.

Here's two coats of "Holiday Spotty Dottie" over white

Once I swatched these few polishes, I decided to dig into my stash and swatch another one of my polishes: "Hole Hearted"

I decided to layer "Hole Hearted" over a bright jelly yellow, so here's two coats of my shimmery "Banana" jelly polish. 

Here's a little blast from the past. These were swatches I did back in the day of "Spottie Dottie Dark". It's another amazing polish by All That Glitters. I layered it over my matte "Rose" polish. 

So what do you think of all these lovely polishes? Do you have any All That Glitters polish? 

If you would like to know more about All That Glitters, or you would like to buy these polishes visit these following links: