Friday, August 24, 2012

Stash Additions:Walmart, Sally Beauty and Alter Ego Polishes

Here's a couple things I picked up while out shopping today. Some of it's from Walmart some from Sally Beauty Supply. 

I spied a clearance bin of polish at Walmart and I was on it! I'm surprised I only left with two polishes. But they're good ones! 

Hard Candy Mischief: a Halloween polish from 2010
Essie As Gold As It Gets: the third addition to my Essie Luxe Effects Collection

I also got this little fan for $5. I was always reminding my girlfriends to blow on their free hand while I paint the other. They suck at blowing. LOL! Now people can blow dry their hands in between coats instead of blowing. This will help out a lot! 

I've been seeing this cuticle remover here and there on my friend Traci's blog and I've been wanting to try it. Of course, I waited until I used up the last brand I was using. I've only used this a couple of times, but I am SOLD!! This gel stays put on your nail bed, doesn't dry up, and really does truly remove the cuticle from the edge of your nail. Finally, a cuticle remover that actually removes cuticles. What a concept! ;) 

I ran out of glue in my last box of Orly Nail Rescue. I've used it quite a lot of times now, both on friends and on myself. There was still lots of powder left, but my glue was almost empty. So I re-upped. I've done a few posts about this product. I love it!!! I can fix any chip, break, split, peeling nail, you send my way. This product takes a little "learning" but it's great! It's pretty much just nail glue and acrylic powder. But this is a smaller amount all in a small box for around $6. It lasts a long time and is inexpensive. So I keep buying it like this. 

I picked up a couple of bottles of polish thinner because I'm out both in my polish lab, and in my polish stash. Polish thinner is a necessary chemical in a polish collection: for when your polishes are half gone and start getting thick. This will return them to their usual consistency without hurting the color like acetone will. 

I was really not impressed with the Magnetix II collection from China Glaze, but I did pick up the magnet since I own 6 of the colors from the last line. 

Check out this awesome package I got from my friend Cynthia over at Alter Ego Polish Store

Look at these polish beauties!!!!!! 

Desert Storm Trigger Puller

Beach Comber

Sun Goddess

Beaming Bride

Limelight Lover

So what do you think of this week's stash additions?? How about my new polish family from Alter Ego


  1. Wow! I like the idea of the orly set though have never seen it here (I live in Northern Ireland) but I'm thinking it might be possible to buy the components separately. xo

    1. Like I said, it takes some learning to get the patches just right and long lasting. But you'll be pro in no time. I can rebuild entire patches of nail with this stuff.

  2. You got some great deals & I love your fabulous photos! Thank you for showing me they arrived safe & sound!

  3. Great additions. I really should try this Orly Nail Repair kit.

  4. WOW i love those polishes :> umm why essie nail polish cost in finland like 18 dollars :( but yeah we go few good finnish polish toooo :D

    1. Ouch!!! We should swap sometime. I like adding foreign polishes to my collection. :)

  5. I picked up the same Hard Candy polish at walmart last week! And it looks like you've picked up some great stuff!

  6. Odd to know the Walmart closed out Essie Luxeffects - all the shades in that group are part of their classic line now and not ltd ed. I would say that's a great buy when it's selling for $8 everywhere else! You got some good pickings here. The SH cuticle remover is my fav one of all - hands done better than even some $$$ ones I have bought - Most of the time I don't need it however - I hydrate, hydrate and push my cuticles back - seems for yrs now, I don't get cuticle growth now.

  7. That is my favorite cuticle remover. I love your nail mail too, especially Sun Goddess and Limelight Lover. I cant wait to see swatches!