Thursday, July 5, 2012

This Week's Stash Additions: Sally's Beauty Haul, Giveaway Win and Walmart

First off, is my little mini-shopping spree from Sally's Beauty. I had a few coupons to use so I splurged a little. 

These bottles work great for decanting polish

I stocked up on my nail strengthener and ridge filler. I also got a few of the Glam FX polishes and one of the Electronica polishes from Orly. They were just released, but I had never heard of them. The only one I really loved anyway was the pink. Although, I shouldn't have said that, because I could see it somewhere in the next several days and be eating my words. 

Orly Sashay My Way, Spazmatic and Preamp

I picked up a clay mask by Queen Helene. I've already used it twice and I love it. I also picked up a new nail file. I love this kind. It's soft and is made for natural nails. 

I picked up two new colors from the China Glaze Safari Collection

Desert Sun and I Herd That

In addition to this little haul from Sally's I also won a giveaway from The Traceface Philes and I got one of 6 Butter London Polishes she was giving away. Yipee!!!! 

I have had my eye on this bottle of Essie the last few trips I've made to Walmart. I finally gave in and bought a bottle. I love this color!!!! 

Look at all the luscious gold sparkle....

So how did I do? What colors did you give in and buy this week? 


  1. Preamp has caught my eye in the past couple days. Surprised your Sally's already had Desert Sun and the Safari collection in. My go to base is Orly Nail Armor. Have tried a lot and that one for me is the best. Bonder by Orly many love, but I have some polishes that pop right off from the rubberized effect that one has. Good haul - maybe I will try that mask you picked up - I have a 15% off coupon for this mo.

    1. Out of the Preamp collection this is the only one I liked, but I do like it very much! It's so stunning! If you follow me on FB I try to share a bday coupon each month for $10 off a $20 purchase. I love using these! And Sally's has pretty openly allowed the use of them. You don't even have to print them off. They use the code from the image. You can show them your phone. :) It's a heck of a deal. And I always us a 15% off coupon with it. So it's an awesome deal!

  2. Replies
    1. If only you could see them in person! Pictures don't do total justice for these colors. :)

  3. Great haul and congrats on the giveaway win!