Saturday, July 7, 2012

This week's MAIL CALL: July Maven "It Girl" Box with Add Ons and Summer Beauty Voxbox

I received my July Maven "It Girl" Box. It came with the first three colors. Julep sent a free "holiday" polish with your box which varied on where you lived. Since I'm in the US they sent America

I couldn't resist using Julep America as soon as it arrived, so I added it to my 4th of July Mani, what do you think?

I also got 2 add-ons to my box. I wanted the other glitter polish they were giving out O'Canada and since I liked the color of the Zinnia lip balm I wanted to try that too. I have used it a couple of times and I LOVE IT!!! It's really thick and has staying power. The color is just enough, but not too much and it's super glossy. 

I also received a Summer Beauty VoxBox from Influenster FOR FREE!!!! Woot!!! and there was some good loot in this box!

Pretty exciting mail this week, wouldn't you say? Did you get anything interesting in the mail this week? Are you a member of Julep Maven or Influenster? 


  1. Fun nail mail. Where did you purchase those swatch sticks?

    1. I got them on Ebay! I had to do 300 of them at once. What a nightmare! It took way longer than I anticipated. I was swatching for hours. I do like them quite a lot more than the color wheels I was using before though.

  2. Oh I really love Daphne and America!! The others i'm a little less excited about, Your mani looks super cute now! I love it!
    And I am so jealous of the other box... Being international means I can't sign up for all of these... Your influenstre box looks real awesome! I can't wait to hear more of your reviews of it!

    1. I love these boxes! I get stuck in a "product rut" and its nice to have the chance to try new things. :)