Sunday, April 15, 2012

There's no such thing as TOO MUCH GLITTER: swap with Hazel and stash additions from eBay

I did a swap with my friend Hazel from Haze Glaze. She hooked me up with these lovelies. 

China Glaze Raggae to Riches
Julep Maya

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe 
a 7 piece glitter collection released in 2011 
These are my first bottles of Color Club and I love them! The formula is awesome and covers well. 

2 coats- China Glaze Reggae to Riches

2 coats- Julep Maya 
I wore this around on my nubbliest of nubbies and it actually looked...good.
I won't wear loud colors when my nails are short. Not sure why. I guess I'm self conscious of my nubbies. Anyway, This covers well. No dragging. And although the application was a little streaky, it had a really nice finish that complimented my skin tone well. 

2 coats- Color Club Holiday Splendor

2 coats- Color Club Sugarplum Fairy

2 coats- Color Club Holiday Splendor

2 coats- Color Club Gingerbread

2 coats- Color Club Candy Cane

2 coats- Color Club Jingle Jangle

 Here is my lovely collection of Julep polishes. I love these! I try to pick up as many as I can. 

China Glaze is one of my favorite brands. Hands down. Here is my collection of them. 

I got to cross these polishes off my WISHLIST over the weekend. I won these on eBay. 

Fantasy Makers Black Pearl
Revlon Colada Fizz
Revlon Apple-tini Fizz

2 coats of each

 My Sweetly Seductive Fizz collection is nearly complete. The only one I need is Mint Fizz, and I was offered it in a swap. So I'll have it very soon. Thanks Gina :)

I recently posted that I needed 2 more of these WnW tombstones, but I was mistaken. I do believe the only one I need is the bar glitter Black Magic. Lucky for me, that one was also offered to me in a swap. Yay! So   I will finally have these collections complete. 


  1. Very Very jealous of your Color Club Polishes!!!

  2. I just received my first julep maven package and I'm in love!!! Your blog is my new addiction:) just curious do you have a numbering and color system fr you color wheels?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. system. It started because I was always so excited to see what my polishes looked like outside the bottle,especially when I started collecting polishes past the point of being able to wear them in a reasonable amount of time. I don't number anything, I do mark initials at the base of each nail on the wheel to help me to find each bottle easier. (for example SH for Sally Hansen. I can then quickly go to my Sally Hansen group and pick out that color) Hope this helps! :)

    2. Very much so!!!:) I would love to do a swap and learn more from you please email at if interested.:)

    3. I would love to do a swap with you! :)

  3. LOVE RtoR from CG - it's one of my all time favs from CG! GREAT score getting the entire CC Mistletoe collection in the box! I missed out and only got a few colors out of that set. And so happy you now have all the color Fiz's from last summer...I love them all - and will warn you - you need to work NOW on getting a 2nd back up bottle of Pina will reach for that one a ton! - That and Watermelon seem the most used in my collection of 'em. I did see a bar RIP glitter on eBay that was not pricy at all ... so if the swap fell though - repost. I need to have some one like you and a few 100 overs over to my house to help me get my stash collection down from 1500+ to 200 or less...stash reaches all the way back to the first year OPI came out - many black labels. I purged this current collection 2 times and got rid of a few kick myself now shadesthat are soooooo rare. Oh well.

    1. OH my! What a collection you have!!! Do you have a blog? If so you could do blog sales and post a swap page of polishes you're willing to part with. Or you can just send them all to me. :) LOL! Thanks for your comment.