Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Super HAUL!!! Swatches and Review: PIC HEAVY

I did some shopping at the other day and here's what I picked up

They had a really wide selection of polishes from a lot of different brands. 

I snagged the On The Edge 5 piece collection from Barielle. These are a new brand to my collection.

Do Unto Others
Gotta Have Fate
Sweet Addiction
Lemon Drops

Lemon Drops- a bright yellow creme

Sweet Addiction- a turqoise/green cream

Buddha-ful-a light blush creme with green flakie glitter. This was easily my favorite of the set.

Gotta Have Fate- a very neon orange creme. Think construction cone.

Do Unto Others- this is a slightly lighter green than the Sweet Addiction, but not very much of a difference. Shame on Barielle and any other polish company that puts together a set with two of the same colors. I've noticed China Glaze does this a lot and I think it's really annoying. As if there aren't enough colors in the spectrum that you couldn't think of a 5th color to throw in the set. Bah!!!

All of these, except the China Glaze are new brands to my collection. The first two were very inexpensive. Only a dollar and some change. So I wanted to see what they were like in person. I love inexpensive polish. Guilt free baby!!! 

Sation Bumpin Beige
New York Summer Golden Orange Glitter
China Glaze Ray-diant
Misa Krystal Water
Misa Summer Love

The lid on my ChG was a hot mess!!! Chipped all over. I know I'm picky, but this kind of stuff bothers me. 

Bumpin Beige- a tan creme polish

Golden Orange Glitter- a medium-density small orange glitter polish

Ray-diant- one of the new Prismatics. This is a slightly green tinted, highly-dense foil glitter, with scattered rainbow glitter throughout. I love this!!! 

Krystal Waters- this is a lovely metallic/glittery aqua blue. The name is very fitting. 

Summer Love- this is one of my favorite polish hues: fuschia. This is a metallic/glittery fuschia pink polish

And lastly I got some new CND's. I really like this brand. It's a good quality long lasting polish and I love that they do pairs in boxes like  The Plum Truffle Collection you see here. This is my third boxed set from them. I am a sucker for them. I also picked up a standard black and white polish because I am ready for new ones in my collection

Plum Truffle
Plum Truffle Sparkle
Washed Down White

Plum Truffle- a vibrant plum purple creme. The picture does this polish no justice. It's SO RICH!

Plum Truffle Sparkle- a medium-density, fine, pink glitter polish

Oilslick- a bluish-black creme. I wanted black, but out of the bottle, this polish has a slightly blue tone to it. Not a big deal, but I was expecting the blackest of black. 

Washed Down White- a slightly off white creme polish. 

I also got a new nail towel. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a sloppy polisher. So I always use a towel, with a disposable cloth matt on top of it. 

It will replace the funky dishtowel seen here. :) 

Here's some other odds and ends a picked up. 

I have been wanting to try water decals for a while. I hypothesize that they will work better on natural nails than decals I've used because they are really flat and lay more flush with the nail. I also got my first roll of striping tape so I can attempt some new tape manis. I got the gold tape. 

I got a double tipped nail art pen. It has a striper and a drawing pen built into one. The pen below is a tool for nail art. It has a needle sharp point for drawing. Until now I've used my finest dotting tool for drawing. So I'm curious to see how this will work instead.

Upon further inspection, this is just a mechanical pencil with a needle in it instead of lead. So this could easily be duplicated at home. 

I picked up this nifty bottle holder to try. Nothing too special here. I thought it would be more heavy duty than it is. It's really just a piece of lightweight rubber. They say it holds all bottles, but apparently the maker has never seen Julep polishes. 

I have been looking for something to replace my color wheels for my visual polish index. So far nothing was cheap enough or what I felt was more useful. I like these. Now I can group my polishes together on color wheels by brand or color or whatever I please. Also, I can remove chips when I'm photographing them, no cropping necessary. 

My one issue with these, is I don't feel these are accurate portrayals of how opaque the colors are: not that the color wheels are either, but they are slightly better. Regardless, I do like these and I will be switching my swatches to these. I like using a visual index because it makes looking for colors easy. I don't have to rifle through my Helmer in search of a particular hue. It also makes it nice when you're doing other peoples' nails because they can easily pick what polishes they want to use. 

I know, I know...pretty awful. But I think I got a lot!! And if you look at individual prices, they are REALLY GOOD! So I may have won the battle for lower prices, but I did not win the war. 


  1. To be fair, that colour chart cost a money but then it is unique so it doesn't count;)

  2. I think your stuff are awesome!

    An idea for the opacity question when using the wheel or your new color chart - you can paint the back side of it with some acrylic paint.
    Not something too dark, because that will make every polish look a lot sheerer then they really are, and not too bright cause then you won't really see what you're looking for.
    You might wanna play with the colors and see what works best for you, but I would use some sort of hot pink - its from teh same family color of the skin, but it's very distinct.

    And maybe, if you don't wanna ruin your new lovely color chart, you can give it a try on some old wheels first LOL

  3. Ooh! Love your purchases! :D I love Ray-diant and the color chart!

    I've been wondering about Transdesign for a while. How much is shipping usually and the service?

    1. It only cost me $13.67 to ship my entire order.

  4. Yeah...that total sure mounts up fast - just picking up a few things and pouf - over $100 easy. I am curious how you will like the new nail 'wheel' subs. Can you buy the clip in nail part in large quantity? I like you winged critters water stickers. i find they do work better. you need to keep up with your top coat however and not let it get thin.

    1. They sold these plates in 12 packs with the clips included. You could buy extra clips if needed. I'm not liking them at all. I just don't like how the colors look on them. So I'm returning. :(

  5. Amazing haul!! Let me know if you enjoy using the hugger!
    I want to get one too but gotta ebay order it!!


    1. I used my bottle holder today and I love it! It was a steal of a deal!

  6. Awesome haul!
    May I know how long Transdesign takes to ship within US? :)

    1. Thank you! It only took a few days for them to ship my order and another few days to arrive.

  7. hi, just wondering if the shipping cost goes by weight or is it a flat fee? they don't show how much is shipping and i don't want to get a 'surprise' after filling in my credit card details. i'm only ordering 5 polishes. (:

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