Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hard Candy Mani and Hard Candy Polish Spam

Here is the base coat and nail foundation I used. So far I'm not incredibly impressed with the Butter London Nail Foundation. I mean, I like the color it adds to my nails, but it's really thick and much harder to apply than my other ridge filler/foundations and bc it's thick, it takes much longer to dry. Oh well...I'll use it. 

 I used 2 coats of polish per nail with Butter London Fast Dry topcoat over it all. Now, I do really like this topcoat. It seems to be more protective than Seche Vite. 
 Clean up with acetone and a brush and moisturize with my new nail oil spray. It dries my polish quickly and floods my cuticles with moisture to make up for using 100% acetone. 

Hard Candy FRENZY

Here's my collection of Hard Candy polishes. I added to them a few days ago. So I currently have everything Walmart has to date. Hard Candy signed a contract with Walmart, so now that's the only place to find them. I know there are other Hard Candy's I need, and I'm sure I want, but this is all I can get my hands on at the store. 

Yeah, I didn't get all the minis. I didn't even see them around here, and when I find them, they were picked over on clearance. LAME!!!

I love their bottles! So cute. And they really are a good quality polish. Their cremes apply so well. Opaque in just 1 or 2 coats. My favorite! Walmart sells them for $4 a piece. So this is a guilt free purchase. 

SKY- The lightest blue polish ever

MUSHROOM- a dirty grey/brown

SPLENDIDO: a neon yellow creme

THE END: a very black creme

BEETLE- a color shifting purple/green polish

FRENZY- a turquoise creme

FABULUXE- a high-density raspberry glitter

No....I don't work for Hard Candy. I wish I did though. I'd be polish rich!!!!


  1. ohhh they are really nice!!!! I adore the glitter pink!!!!!!
    I wish I could buy this..
    Love the post :)

  2. I have a mini I picked up today if you wanted to trade something little for it. It's black with silver glitter in in and a silver heart ring. It's brand new but not shrink wrapped. The shrink wrap was covered in some unknown makeup that was also in the bin so I took it off and cleaned it all up. :) You can email me at or find me on FB --> Jen's Nail Files. :) If you don't want to, that's perfectly okay too! :)

  3. Ooh those are lovely. I especially like Frenzy. I actually don't own any Hard Candy. I think it's only available in Walmart here in Canada and I think my local one only just started carrying it. If this exeplifies their quality, I think I'll need to be checking them out!

  4. Their FB page has a $1 off coupon!! It's at the top of their page, says "coupons" on the tab, click it and follow the instructions.

  5. I love your mani.
    The bottles are cute indeed. Fabuluxe looks just gorgeous!

  6. I love these 2 colors especially together. I looked at my Wallys. They weren't on clearance. ;0( awesome deal. Glad you got so many. Nice!