Monday, March 5, 2012

My first VoxBox

I was approached by a company called to join their network and participate in reviewing products. I was a little skeptical at first, but I looked up reviews online and it seemed like an interesting program.

Well, today I received my first product box from them. The Love Vox Box. This box was free for my review. As always, I'm honest and unbiased. I work for my readers, not for Influenster. So my opinions will be honest and straightforward.

With that being said, here's what I received in the mail today:

WOW!!!!! Go's my birthday!!!

Here's the card that came in the box. Tells me what items I've received as well as their retail value. 

Kiss Nail Appliques: I have yet to try a set of these. I own 2 applique sets from Julep and  now this one. I got the bright idea today that I might try them on my feet instead of my nails. From my experience, I can get decals to stay on my toes forever! My nails...not at all. 

Ghirardelli Full Size Chocolate Bar: Can you really give chocolate a bad review?? I think not. But I am familiar with and do buy this brand. I love their fancy cardboard box and fancy foil wrappers. It also comes in great flavors like chocolate with raspberry filling. Mmmmm. It's one of my grocery store guilty pleasures that doesn't cost too much. 

Stash Herbal Tea: Come on...Stash? Herbal? What's really in this box?? LOL! I'm not a big tea drinker but...

check out all the flavors they sent. Yummy!!!! I'm certainly going to try a few of these. I might have to chill them though. I'm not a hot tea drinker. Wild Raspberry Hibiscus sounds heavenly. 

Gillette Venus & Olay: I currently use the original Venus razor. I did try one that has the same "moisture strips" around the blades as this one. I did not like them at all!!! After a few uses, the soap wore off of the edges and left a sharp plastic tab exposed and I was always scratching myself with it. I hope this one is better, because I'm a die hard Gillette fan and an upgrade would be nice.  

I've been using them since I first started shaving. My skin was always too sensitive for a cheap-y razor. So I use Gillete razors with replaceable blades. They don't bother my skin at all.

Ooooh...5 blades!!! 

Truvia: Calorie free sweetener. I use sweetener everyday in my morning coffee. I don't like regular sugar. I use Equal or Sugar in the Raw. I heard about this product during a presentation given in one of my college classes and it sounded really interesting. I guess it's derived from a cactus and is supposed to be very sweet. It has no calories. It doesn't have a lot of the harmful chemicals that you hear about in other artificial sweeteners because it is naturally derived from a plant. 

So what do you think of this score?? I was as happy as a kid in a candy store when I opened this box. I can't wait to try everything out. 


  1. Hello! All fantastic! Kisses

  2. I love this! Any idea if it is open internationally, or only to US residents?

  3. Yay my first look at the Love Voxbox , I am getting one too soon.

  4. Kiss Nail Appliques look really pretty.

  5. Thanks guys!!! I am having fun trying this stuff out.