Saturday, March 17, 2012

3 Part Mani: Step 3: Nail Art: SHAMROCK POP!!!!

Ha, I skipped a step...did you notice? 

Yeah, I sat down today to do my St. Patty's Day nail art and right when I started to paint, I realized...duh...I forgot to take photos of Step 2. 

That stinks!!! Because actually it was a really awesome mani. I layered some Revlon Pineapple Fizz over my Revlon Sunshine Sparkle. It was a really nice looking combo. It looked like I dipped my nails in glistening sunshine. 

Anyway, on to the art...

For Part 2: Layering:
I used:

  • 2 coats Revlon Pineapple Fizz
  • 1 coat Seche Vite
I wore that look around for a day or so before I added art. 

For Part 3: Nail Art: SHAMROCK POP
I used:
  • Green and Black Acrylic Paint from my local craft store 
  • Dotting tool from my local craft store
  • 1 coat Gelous
  • 1 coat Seche Vite

Acrylic paint works pretty nicely for some nail art. The nice things about it are that 
  1. It's super cheap and is sold everywhere for next to nothing
  2. You get the chance to erase your designs without ruining the polish underneath. HOW?? You can just wipe acrylic paint off your fingernail with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will take off the acrylic paint but not your polish. Just make sure the polish you're doing art on is absolutely dry before you start drawing. 
If you can make hearts and lines pretty easily, I'm sure you can make shamrocks, and probably way better than me. I've got shaky hands. Here's the basic idea:

I loved that Revlon Pineapple Fizz so much! It was from a Revlon Summer 2011 Collection called the "Sweetly Seductive Collection. I know I probably don't have much chance of getting year old Revlons, but if anyone anywhere knows any place I could buy them or swap them...please do tell. They are officially on my BLOG WISHLIST PAGE. I know my list isn't very long but each item is something I really really pine over.