Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stash Additions, Swatches and Color Wheel Spam

Here are a few of my recent polish purchases. I purchased the Revlons from Walmart and the FEVERlacquer is from my good friend, Cassie, from The Manilogues

Revlon Stunning
Revlon Rainforest

2 coats of each on color wheels

Revlon Rainforest- I love this color!!! 

Revlon Stunning- which I was disappointed to find was a watered down dupe of China Glaze Techno. I ended up coming across the ChG polish a few days after I bought this one. I wished I had gotten it instead of this one because it's more glitter packed and it was the same price as this Revlon. 

FEVERlacquer I Lie Only For You- I was a little bit like "meh" when I saw this in the bottle, but once it came out it was like an explosion of beauty. This is a blue jelly holo with sparse flecks of black hex glitter. It's so yummy!!! It covers well in two coats. Great formula. No streaks. I'm sure if you put it over a blue or black it would look great but it's just as pretty alone, as you can see. I am so pleased I own this limited edition polish, and I am pumped to see what Cassie will make next. 

And here's some color wheel spam: OoooOOOoooohhh look at the pretty colors!!! I love that I swatched my whole stash. It's nice to be able to come straight home from polish shopping, or bust open the nail mail and be able to see instant swatches of my polish: no polish change necessary. It's also a great reference tool when I'm deciding what color I want to paint my nails. I also use these when I paint other people's nails so they can choose what color they want without messing with my drawers of precious pretty babies. :P

Have a great day readers!!! I love you all!!!!


  1. I finally started using nail wheels too! Love them! It took me days to swatch my entire collection but was so worth it!

  2. Rainforest is seriously TDF. It's the most amazing nail polish shade I've come across lately! Every time I wear it I just gush. Great buy. I passed up on that revlon as well because I have techno and they look exactly the same.

    I tagged you in a post.