Thursday, February 16, 2012

My February 2012 Julep Valentine's Box

I received my Julep Valentine's box a few days ago. And here's what was in it.

I received: 

  • 1 full size tub of Pomegranate Body Scrub
  • A small container of gold stars for my nails. 
  • 1 package Rivet Nail Appliques
  • 1 bottle of Julep January
  • 1 bottle of Julep Taylor
  • A piece of super yummy heart shaped chocolate
Overall, I am quite pleased with this box. Both of the nail polishes are ones I don't have yet. Which is surprising because I'm starting to accrue quite the collection of Julep Polish. I loved the appliques. I have wanted the Rivet ones since they came out. I already have the gold stars. So I'll probably send those off to a friend. I don't have the body scrub. So I was happy to get that. The only thing I can honestly say I wanted and didn't get was the Julep Hair Gloss. I want a can of that bad!!! But I don't want to pay for it. :P 

Two coats on a color wheel
With flash

Without flash
Taylor looks much more blue in this picture. It's more of a purple-blue in person. 

You can become a Maven for just $1 if you use the code "SHAREONFEB" at checkout. Julep is always running good specials, so there are definitely ways to save if you are a tightwad like me. No obligation to continue and lots of options. You get a preview email before any shipments are made and you can choose another box style, skip the month's box or send it to a friend. Simple as that. 

Here is a referral link if you would like to check it out and give me credit for it: 

And just so you know, I am a paid subscriber to Julep. I am not affiliated or sponsored by them in any way. As always, my opinions are my own and are unbiased. 


  1. I will definitely check it out, thanks!

    1. That's awesome!!! I will be watching for your un-boxing on your blog. :)