Friday, January 6, 2012

A great gift for a budding polish-a-holic

So I've started getting a lot of "ooh's" and "ah's" over my polish stash. I've done all my friends' nails, all the neighbor girls' nails, and anyone else who has 20 minutes to sit for a manicure. Well, a lot of people have been genuinely interested in starting a habit of their own. One of them being my friend Erin. She has spent the last decade pouring her time and energies into her family. Now they're getting older and she has a little more "me time" to explore the fun world of cosmetics and polish. So I composed this little gift set for her for Christmas. It has the basic items that you need for a good manicure. All us addicts know you can add one or twelve more steps to the process, but all you really need is a good base coat, a few coats of pretty polish and a fast dry topcoat. Add in clean fingers and moisturized cuticles and you have a salon quality manicure. Am I right?? What do you think of this as a polish-a-holic starter set? Did I leave anything out that you would have added?


  1. What about a file or buffer? Orange stick too.

  2. Those would both be great additions! Personally, I don't use files or buffers and I push my cuticles with my thumbnails. So I opted not to add those items. But since the majority of people do use them, and they're inexpensive, those would certainly fit well in a starter kit.

  3. Such pretty things! Loved it!!
    Im following!