Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My giveaway win and review: Fashion To Figure

Recently I won a giveaway at Menopausal New Mom's Blog. I recieved any item of my choice up to $30 from the Fashion to Figure Online Shop. I was so excited! This was the item I chose:

I received my giveaway win within a week. Which if you've ever won a giveaway, you know this is a plus. SPEEDY SHIPMENT!!!

I was impressed with the blouse as soon as I opened the package. It is made of chiffon and it is soft and silky. This was no cheap-y shirt either. The stitching was durable, the shirt was well made with lining on the inside. You can't see it in the picture but there are tiny metallic triangle patterns all over the shirt that really make it shimmer.

Once I tried on the top, I was even more pleased with it. It fit me very well despite the fact that it was a bit bigger than my size. I typically shop for a Large or X-large. This top was a plus size 1X. It still fit very well.

My original thought was to wear this top with leggings and a sexy pair of heels. However, today when I was getting dressed for class I saw the top hanging in my closet and decided I'd try a more casual look. I paired it with a nice pair of dark denim jeans, a pair of black leather flats and a black cardigan. I loved the outfit. I felt so pretty in the shirt. It was conservative and classy. I had to give a short presentation in front of the class and I didn't have to worry one bit about any bulges or showing too much cleavage. It was just right. Here, you be the judge. Here's some snapshots of today's "School Outfit". Sorry for the poor quality. My bf took the picture and he obviously could care less about how to take a photo.

This is my own personal review. I am not at all affiliated with the company and they did not ask my to review their product. I chose to because I wanted to share this.

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