Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girls Birthday Party Idea: Nail Salon Party!!!

So I was invited to do something really special over the weekend. One of my best friends, Erin, threw her daughter an 8th birthday party. Since her daughter loves how I paint her mommy's nails, Erin asked me if I'd like to paint nails at the party. I gladly accepted. What fun!!! I had a blast doing it and both the adults and children really loved the idea. Here's some pictures of little girl hands. Sorry that they are so blurry. It's hard to make little kids stand still for very long. I let the girls pick what they wanted on their nails and I was very surprised at the good taste these little ladies had.


  1. is a really cool idea!!! u have a great blog!!

  2. The girls all loved getting their nails done! I kept it as a surprise until it was time. What a really neat party idea. Little girls love spa parties and to have someone actually here to paint their nails was a real treat! :)