Saturday, November 5, 2011

Soft Landings...also great for home use.

Thanks to TraceFace Philes, I entered to receive a sample of Soft Landings Disposable Towels.

They are normally used in salons. I heard they were good for home use too so I ordered a sample. I have to say, I am a little more fanatical about them than I thought I would be. They are lint free, so there was no little fuzzy bits sticking to my nails like with hand towels or paper towels. And they actually worked awesome for nail stamping. They are very absorbent and soaked up excess polish really well. I think I need to order a box of these. So I stop ruining my house towels. LOL!! Here's the website to order a sample:

In my opinion they are a little pricey. It's $19.95+$8.75 shipping for a 2 pound box. I'm not sure how many that is. I'd like to know. I think they should sell smaller quantities. But I did sign up for the email, so hopefully they will have more sales and promotions. I would definitely be on board.

But head on over and get a free sample. I think you'll agree that they are pretty awesome for home use.


  1. YAY glad you like them! And I am happy that you are spreading the word!! :-)

  2. Patricia, thank you so much for the blog. You wrote so beautifully. Each package has 75 count.

  3. @TraceFace, I like anything you like. I'm your drone. LOL! I'm kidding. I'm sure there's something you're buying on the black market of nail polish that I don't like. Maybe not though.

    @soft landings Thankyou!!!

  4. Ohh, I bet these would be great for electronics too, lint free and all!

    Thanks for the wonderful review, I enjoyed reading it and learning about Soft Landings.

    Alisha from One Little Indian