Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My new polishes this week!

These are all the bottles I added to my collection this week. The last 4 were FREE. I won them in a giveaway at Amandalanadish's "Just Because Glitter and Claws Giveaway. I really love them and I don't care if they're in tombstone bottles, they are definitely for Christmas and Fall too. AWESOME! Thanks Amanda! The others I picked up around town. I was so excited over the Nicole OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie Glitter Polish. It was the last one on the shelf and I saw someone do a "dupe post" ( comparing it to OPI's Rainbow Connection and they looked identical. So I get two for one nail polish! I wanted to do swatches on my natural nails but school and housework wouldn't allow me. I still ♥ color wheels and I love swatching all my polish as soon as I get it and being able to refer back to the color wheels as a reference.


  1. Nice. Those do look like holiday polishes even though they are in tombstones.

  2. :) Lucky you!
    Very nice polishes :)