Monday, November 14, 2011

All That Is Gorgeous...: BLOG SALE!!!

Since I purchased from Miss Jenn's blog sale today, I figured I'd blog about it and provide a link to those who might be interested in purchasing from her. I was extremely over joyed that she had polish from the Ice Baby Collection that I've been fiendish about. Our local Ohio stores never get limited edition anything. I looked around online for these polishes but the only place I found them was on eBay for $8 a bottle!!! Yeah, forget that. Jenn was offering a very fair price of $3 a bottle. I purchased the, 24 Karat, copperbar and gold glitter polish and the stunning, Diamond in the Rough, a charcoal colored glitter. I almost bought the gold bar glitter polish but I need to quit buying gold for a while. I'm ending up with a lot of dupes. I can't wait till these come!!!!


  1. Jenn is great! I ordered from her the other day and already got my items. :)
    If you are looking for blog sales I have a page on my blog that has a list of some from the blogs I read.

  2. The buttons are working fine :)

  3. Thanks, Patricia and Shally! You guys were awesome to work with!!! Also, thanks for mentioning me on your blogs :)

  4. No problem. I like to give credit where credit is due.