Sunday, November 20, 2011

My $8.83 Mini Nail Haul

So my 1 year old baby monster decided to run off to gosh knows where with my favorite bottle of cuticle oil. It is officially missing. I turned the furniture over and everything because I really love the stuff. Eventually though, I had to move on with my life and just hope it turns up someday.

So this prompted a trip to Sally's to get some cuticle nurturing items. I am very pleased with each of these products and I love adding to my collection.
  • I bought a bottle of cuticle remover. I don't usually use this stuff, but it's winter time and I could use the extra help taming my dry peeling cuticles.
  • I was sold on the hand lotion because I love anything with Olive Oil in it and it's a very silky texture and smells so wonderful!!! What a good buy for that price.
  • I wanted to try the Beauty Secret brand Ridge Filler. I do like it. It made my nails very smooth for close up photos.
  • The cuticle oil, although a very tiny bottle, smells great and is the same texture as the oil I lost. It's orange blossom scented. Mmmm....and it was only $.69 on clearance. I don't go through cuticle oil very fast so this will last me a good while.
  • The nail brush is handy. It's the same kind they use in our area salons. I can't stand the little puny ones. I wanted a big one with a handle on it. This was also a $.69 item. Yay!

Sad thing though, I FORGOT A COUPON AT HOME!! was for 15% off. I don't spend large amounts so I would have been happy with the $1.20 in savings. I'm sure I'll use it on something else later.


  1. Nice! :) I will be glad when I have money again and can go nail shopping, too!

  2. Very soon. You forgot to text me the name of that stuff for nail repair.

  3. Great haul for such a low price!! Savvy! XOXO