Saturday, November 19, 2011

An inexpensive nail storage solution.

My polish collection is growing quickly these days and I've been looking for a clever way to store all my supplies. These are sold at Walmart for $14.27 here-> Mine was free because someone gave it to me because they weren't using it. SCORE!!!

It's working pretty well for what I need it for and you sure can't beat that price tag. I really can't rationalize spending a ton on a specialized storage system. I encourage people to make use of items they already have around the house and try to find new uses for them. I'm not "Green" or anything but I'm a huge fan of renewing and reusing items.


  1. I use something pretty similar to that. It would be nice to get a special thing for my polish but with the money I am using for polish I can't afford something to hold it in too. lol

  2. Haha!!! I can relate to that for sure. Plus,and I don't know how this is possible, I'm a nail polish hoarder who's a tightwad. LOL! I love to spend on polish but I like to find cheap ways around things. Like using paint brushes instead of nail brushes for art. And I love all polish, the cheap, the expensive. They're all great to me. I like to "collect" my polish based on overall desire not just hype. That's why I love nail blogs. I can always find swatches of polishes before I spend the money. So I know I won't be let down by my purchase. Although, I can't rightfully say I've ever been disappointed in a polish. LOL!