Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yay!!! I got more glitter polish!!!

My friend Lindsay stopped by today and surprised me with this lovely bottle of polish that I've been pining over since I saw it on "My Nail Grafitti" blog ( and now it's mine. All mine. Muahahahaha!!!!! So this makes two bottles toward my lovely Christmas collection. I promised myself I wouldn't outgrow my nail "tackle" box as a symptom of my polish hoarding. And well....It's getting tight. I think this might have been the spill over day. Oh well. Guess that just means I need a bigger tackle box. I saw one today in a catalog that has wheels. I need to be stationary. So I can hide my lovelies from my children. I know how much they would like paint themselves and everything in my house.


  1. Lots of people use drawers from Ikea (I think) called Helmers. Google them. I guess they are a perfect fit for nail polish. There may be a cheaper alternative for them...I'm not sure.

  2. I am passing on the Liebster Blog Award to you!

  3. Nice pick! It's a gorgeous glitter! :)