Sunday, October 23, 2011

The craft store sells nail stuff!!! Who would have thought!!!

So I went to the craft store to get colored canvas tote bags to personalize for my kids for Trick or Treating. And what to my wandering eyes did appear....but NAIL ART BRUSH HEAVEN!

And they were charging 1/3 of the price as Sally's. I love me some Sally's, but the craft store literally made my heart skip a beat! I also found all sorts of other products that inspired ideas or should I say "nailspiration". They had great storage solutions. They had tons of items to assist in painting. I could have spent a year's salary in there. I mean, I go to craft stores all the time, but never for nail art.

Some ideas were good. Others will take some work. I googled "using acrylic paints" on my phone while I was in the store. So I know I can work those into my routine somehow. The rubber stamps on the other hand....effin suck. I tried both acrylic paint and nail polish on them. Not only are they hard to clean, but I didn't even come close to getting a shape to transfer. I mean, I found some inspiration in them because each image looks easy enough that you could probably paint them free hand pretty well. So I might keep them just to refer to. But I haven't found a way to use them yet.

On a side note, I've claimed a fan. The teenage girl next door asked me to do her nails for Massillon Tiger pep rally week. So.....of course I obliged. She really seemed pleased with my work. Of course she met with me before I went to the craft store so she had to miss out on my SUPER AWESOME NEW TEENY TINY PAINT BRUSH!!!! I'm like a new person with that brush. And it only cost me $3.

I love blogging! Almost as much as I love nail art. I love reading blogs too. I get excited to come home and check out other people's blogs for "nailspiration".

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