Monday, October 28, 2013

NAIL MAIL!!! Thank You Sheila and Ashley!!!!

Guess what?? Another polish package!!!! 
This one was several lovely gifts from Nordstrom's that my friends Ashley from the blog Ashley is Polish Addicted and Sheila from Pointless Cafe sent me for my birthday. I love them! Seriously! 

The pink thing is super comfy shrug sweater that I am in love with and have worn a few times already. I love sweaters! 

These are my first Ciate polishes. I knew I wanted this Chalkboard Mani set when I first saw it released. I'm so pumped that it's mine!!!! 

This set is amazing! It includes black chalkboard paint, 4 chalk markers and a matte topcoat for sealing in your designs. Since the pens are REAL CHALK, you can keep erasing and re-drawing your designs to your hearts content before you put on the sealing topcoat. Isn't that cool? 

SAMPLES!!! I have tried and love both these products. The styling cream is amazing and smells fantastic. My man loves the D&G perfume, so maybe he'll get me a bottle of it. 

I love this charm bracelet! I actually had to exchange this one because I needed an "A" and not a "K". The exchange process was super easy! They had return postage and a form you just mail right back to them. I called to notify them that I was sending one bracelet back for another and they actually shipped out my new bracelet before I had even sent this one back. That was easy! Way to go Nordstroms! 

So what do you think of this lovely birthday gift? Thanks again to my great friends Ashley and Sheila. You made my world a little more bright and colorful. :)