Thursday, October 24, 2013

NAIL MAIL FROM ISRAEL!!!! Thank you Jin!!!!

So I was very pleasantly surprised by my friend Jin from the blog Superficially Colorful
She sent a humongous box to me from her native country of Israel. I love international nail mail! I love that I have friends near and so very far. :) 
Anyway, here is what she sent!!!

This box is loaded with goodies! treats!

Here's what makes this package super special: not only did Jin send polishes, but she sent her very own polishes which are currently not available to anyone but her closest and dearest friends. I'm please to be one!!! 

As if all those beautiful polishes that she sent weren't enough, I got another package from Jin just a few days later with a few more lovely polish beauties!!!

Jin specially made this custom polish just for me! It's called "Hot Italian Woman". D'awwwww....thanks Jin! 

I love the gold and red. Look at the stars and dots!!!! Gold and Red are probably equally my two favorite polish colors. She hit this nail on the head! 

What do you think of this lovely nail mail? I can't wait to show you swatches of her polishes! She has several color changing polishes as well as a glow in the dark polish.