Saturday, September 7, 2013

MANI TIME!!! My Friends' Nails

It's that time again! The post where I show off all the manis I did for my friends. Even though I haven't been having nail/wine nights lately, I still get many requests to do my friends' nails. I try to remember to always take photos to show you all. Here's the latest ones. 

Lis's Nails
Black and red ladybug mani

Xenia's Nails
Delicate pink and purple floral print mani

Faith's Nails
Textured gradient nails with stamping mani

Annabelle's Nails
Black and red ladybug mani

Samantha's Nails
Classic french mani

Sadie's Nails
Peacock and fuschia mani

Autumn's Nails
Green Apple mani

Hannah's Nails
Olive green with gold stamping mani

So what do you think of these mani's? Which is your favorite? Do you paint your friends' nails? 


  1. These posts are always fun! I am loving the purple stamped on pink and the gold stamped on olive. :)

  2. This is a post full of FUN!!!
    And I can't wait to get Lady Bug already!!!!!