Thursday, August 22, 2013

MANI TIME!!! My Friends' Nails

Today I have several manis to show you. I have been busy painting nails for friends and family and I made sure to snap some shots. This is a lengthy post, but lots of new designs to show you all. 

*names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

Samantha's Nails
Purple polka-dot iced out nails. 

Bertha's Nails
Rainbow technicolor, moon and star glitter nails. 

Andrea's Nails
Peacock glitter gold green nails. 

Lupita's Nails
Purple glitter flower nails.  

Michelle's Nails
Pink shimmer butterfly nails. 

Carrington's Nails
Ocean fish and whale mani. 

Hannah's Nails
Light peach cheetah nails with bling. 

Caitlyn's Nails
Neon blue shimmer nails. 

Amanda's Nails
Teal and white "Tweedy" nails. 

So what do you think of these nail designs? Which is your favorite? How often do you paint nails for friends and family? 


  1. Andrea has some amazing rings!
    Wonderful seeing all of these :)

  2. WONDERFUL!!!!!
    Samantha and Bertha are my favorites but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!

  3. Thanks guys!!! And I loved Andreas rings too!!! Very boho chic!

  4. Lol thank you !! I love gettin my nails done by Miss Aleta <3 shes so creative.. She never fails to match my outfit :)

  5. What's the peacock glitter that you used on Andrea? I really loved her nails! I don't ever do my friends' nails...I would laugh if they asked!