Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SWATCH AND REVIEW: Essie Spring 2013 Collection

I have a beautiful collection of colors to show you today that were just released by Essie in March of this year. The collection blends bold and soft and really is just perfect for this time of year. 

This collection features 6 new colors. I will not be swatching one of the colors from this collection as it was not included with my PR package and that is "Go Ginza"

Here's a little info on the history and mission statement of Essie. 

 Here is two coats of each color on clear swatch spoons. 

Now onto the swatches. 

Madison Ave-Hue
This polish is a beautiful color dark pink creme with a subtle silver shimmer. This is 3 coats no topcoat. 

Avenue Maintain
This polish is a rich denim blue creme polish that finishes with a high gloss. This is two coats no topcoat. 

Bond with Whomever
This polish is a lovely lilac creme polish that dries to a high gloss finish. This is three coats. No topcoat. 

Maximillian Strasse Her
This is a pale grey creme that dries to a high gloss finish. This is three coats, no topcoat. 

Hip Anema
Last but not least is my personal fave of this collection. It's a bright and bold cherry red creme polish with very slight orange undertones. I have had this on all day and it is such a sexy color. I can't stop staring at my hands. This is three coats with no topcoat. 

Overall Review
  • The formula on all of these is great. I did use 3 coats for most of them, but it wasn't because they weren't opaque. It was because I wanted a nice even application. Had I used topcoat, I probably would have only needed two coats. 
  • While I did enjoy the whole collection, the three I loved the most were "Madison Ave-Hue", "Hip Anema", and "Bond with Whomever". They were three bold colors that really add a pop of color to your nails. 
  • I like the brushes with Essie. They are the thin kind, but I have small nail beds an I prefer a smaller brush. 

For more info on Essie products and polishes as well as locations where you can buy, please visit the following links: 

*Special thanks to Essie for providing me this beautiful collection to review. I am honored. *

So what do you all think of this collection? Which shade is your favorite? Do you plan on buying or have you bought any of them yet? 


  1. Love these colors, I got the blue and blue-grey.

  2. Gorgeous swatches and great review!

  3. Madison Ave-Hue is my favorite.

    1. One of mine as well. Thanks for the comment. :)

  4. Ok before all, I really love the names of these! Each one with it's own little wink. I love word-games... They buy me every time.
    And as for the rest - I love your swatches and I love the way these polishes look on you. I don't think any of these is a unique color and I am sure I can have dupes for them all. But I do admit that if I saw these in the store I would probably take the,m home with me... ;-)

    1. Thank you dear. And Jin...what polishes don't you have would be a better question. LOL!

  5. Gorgeous swatches! Well done! I simply adore Madison Ave-Hue! That shimmer, swoon!

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