Monday, April 29, 2013

NAIL MAIL! Awesome Swap Package From My Friend Jen

I got a super awesome nail package last week from my good friend Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession. We have been friends and polish swap buddies for quite some time now. I love how thoughtful and creative her swap packages are. 

So here's what she sent: 

I am lucky enough to own several of these textured sand polishes. I have heard a few people ask if their are dupes for the orange shades. Here's a side by side comparison of Zoya, OPI and Julie G orange textured polishes. As  you can see, they are quite different: 

So what do you think of this swap package? Do you swap polishes with anyone? 


  1. That is awesome nail mail! I'd love to swap polishes, but I haven't found a swap-buddy yet :)

    1. Check out my Wishlist on Pinterest. If you have something, I'll swap you. That's how it starts! Easy peasy! :)