Monday, April 8, 2013

Cover Girl "Toasted Almond" + Stamping=

Check out this understated but fun mani I put together. 

I started with a base of Cover Girl "Toasted Almond". This is a light brown creme and is opaque in two coats. I have to say, while I realize I'm not the biggest creme fan in the first place, this polish looks just "blah". I guess I'm too much of a bright color and glitter gal to really enjoy neutral creme polishes. But the formula was awesome and it has a super glossy finish. I have quite a few of this particular line, because they were given to me as a gift from my man. The formula on all of them is awesome. 

Then I added a simple stamping pattern using Essie "Good as Gold" and a Bundlemonster stamping plate from the third set. It's a simple stamp, but one I find myself using over and over. I wish my stamping was a little cleaner. But the nice thing about the pattern stamps, is even if you mess up, they still look pretty good. 

This Essie foil gold is one of my go to stamping polishes. It works perfectly!!!
Like I tell friends, stamping is 3% technique and 97% using the right polish. Most polishes don't work well at all for stamping. It can be a chore to find ones that do. I have a nice collection of go to colors that work well for me, but if I'm on the market for new ones, I always look around online to see what works for other people. No one brand has the best stamping polish and special stamping polishes aren't always the best to use. Konad black and white are great, but I don't use their other colors because other brands have ones that look better. 

So what do you think of this mani? 


  1. Love it!! Everytime I stamp I get frustrated. Do you have a list of stamping polishes you use? Im going to get the essie one you mentioned in your blog..

    1. Sure Laura: I use Konad Special Black. Konad Special White. I buy those two on Ebay and Amazon. I use Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes" for silver- which may have a new name now since they changed some. I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red and Cobolt Blue. Those are pretty much the main colors I use.

  2. This is really cute. I love stamping with metallics, they always turn out so pretty.

  3. I am totally loving this final mani!
    The gold over the brown makes it look like olive green (which is my favorite shade of green) and your stamping is simply wonderful! And your pattern looks just perfect!