Friday, March 8, 2013

SWATCHFEST: Barielle "On The Edge" Polish Collection

I have a fun and bold color collection to show you today from Barielle. It's a five piece collection called "On the Edge". 

 I bought this set for $13 about a year ago from and it's been sitting in my Helmer unused for over a year: like many of my polishes. What can I say, I buy a lot of polish. Oops! I bought this set because I like bright colors and I thought the names were cool. 

Anyway here's some swatches and simple nail art. 

Do Unto Others
Two coats Barielle "Do Unto Others" with topcoat

Gotta Have Fate
Two coats of Barielle "Gotta Have Fate" with topcoat

Three coats of Barielle "Buddha-ful" with topcoat. I thought I would like this color the best. It's a nude polish with lots of green flaky goodness. I thought it was a layering polish but I tried layering it over the other colors and it looked awful! Like putting milk on top of the colors. Maybe if I tried it over white or a nude cream I may have liked it better. 

Sweet Addiction
Two coats of Barielle "Sweet Addiction" with topcoat

Lemon Drops
Two coats of Barielle "Lemon Drops" with topcoat. This is my favorite of the bunch. Such a bright fantastic yellow. Beware, these photos might hurt your eyes. :) 

Here are the polishes I used on my accent nails: Konad Special White and Black, Sally Hansen "Rapid Red", The Nail Junkie "Shamrock" and Red Dog Designs "My Funny Valentine"

While I'm not thrilled by the fact that they put two almost identical colors in this set, I do really like these polishes. The formula was good and 5 polishes for $13?!!!!! You can't beat that. Barielle makes lots of these sets and I would eventually like to get more of them. Check out this selection...and I'm sure this isn't all of them: 

So what do you think of this set? Do you own any Barielle polishes? What do you think of the brand? 


  1. These are great colors. Buddha-ful actually looks really cool over Do Unto Others.

  2. Oooooh I love Lemondrops and Gotta Have Fate!! Both entered my wishlist just now!!!
    They are so gorgeous!!!!!

  3. I just made my first purchase from Barielle yesterday! Thy have an awesome sale going on. I received all of my polishes (12) at buy one get one 50% off, 30% off the entire order, and extra 15% for being newly registered, and free shipping! I'm so excited to get them! BTW... All of these are beautiful and you swatches are perfect!

    1. That does sound like an awesome deal! Thanks for the heads up and the kind words. :)