Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ninja Polish Divinity Swatches

I have a gorgeous polish to show you today from Ninja Polish.

It's called Divinity. This polish probably wouldn't have set off my radar, but when I saw swatches of it on Pointless Cafe, I had to have it! 

Here's two coats of Divinity with fast dry topcoat. NO UNDERWEAR!

I'm having a really difficult time thinking of a way to describe this polish. Is it burgundy? Is it brown? Is it red? Is it green? I'll call it a "multi-chrome" because it takes on the color and light of the environment it's in. 

Just when I thought my little photo shoot was over, I looked over at my hands while I was in my living room and MY POLISH HAD CHANGED COLORS! Look at that green! 

Here's a bottle shot. Look at all those different colors! 

Here's two coats on a clear swatch spoon. 

So what do you think of this polish? 

Since a large group of my friends also purchased this polish, we decided to link our posts. So make sure you check out the links at the bottom of this post, to see the other ladies who did swatches of this gorgeous polish. 


  1. WOAH!!! AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!
    it looks so good on you and your swatches are awesome!!!
    I can hardly wait for it to get here already.....

  2. I like it! But it shouldn't change into green lol hate that colour :P

  3. I love this polish and how it covers in two coats! Dang! Great swatches!:)

  4. These are the prettiest swatches I've seen yet! Gorgeous!!

  5. Wow guys! Thanks for all the sweet comments! I think this polish is a winner for sure!

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