Friday, December 14, 2012

SURPRISE POLISH MAIL: From my friend Jin

Check out this lovely package from my friend Jin. I wasn't expecting this at all, so imagine my surprise when I received not one but TWO SURPRISE INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES!

Check out what was inside: 
Here was the first package

I love these plates! How cute are these designs!? I've actually tried a few of them out already and they work awesome! 

Zoya "Posh": This polish has been on my wishlist forever and a day. Probably since I started it over a year ago I do believe. 

"Posh" is a beautiful red matte finish polish. Perfect for the holidays. 

China Glaze "Jungle Queen": This polish was also from my wishlist. I love the Safari collection by ChG and have been picking up a few here and there. This is a welcome addition. 

This is a purply-grey polish. Just lovely! 


Candy and stamping plates! Yay!!!! 

Such unique designs! A great holiday collection too! 

Jin truly is a wonderful person and I'm so lucky to have her to call my friend. 
Thank you, Jin, for thinking of me this holiday season. 

So what do you think of this nice holiday surprise? 


  1. LOL Thank you so much for the sweet words <3
    I am so happy you like it all ;-)
    Have the perfect holidays!

  2. Very nice're correct that Jin is a sweetheart! Posh is one of my all time faves.

    1. Thank you Connie! I'm wearing Posh now and I love it!

  3. These are great gifts! So jealous. Also, just FYI, you forgot to blur your address on the second package!

    1. Thanks! I can't believe I missed that! LOL! Hopefully I don't get anything strange this week in the mail. :P

  4. I love the plates! The designs are so cute! Where are they from? Are they available online anywhere?

    1. I have no idea...but I found this whilst browsing her blog, I found this link: Thanks for asking!