Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My "Snowflake" polish + FEVERlacquer "I Blame the Fireworks" =

Check out this polish layering I did. 

For my underwear I used my own "Snowflake" polish. Two coats. 

Then I added two coats of "I Blame the Fireworks". I LOVE THIS POLISH! YES I'M YELLING! It is so beautiful. You think you've seen holo bar glitter polish, but until you see this one, you ain't seeing nothing yet! This is a clear polish loaded with micro bar glitter. It lays so much nicer than larger bar glitters and it creates an almost linear holo effect. It's fantastic! 

"Snowflake" polish as well as my other polishes are being sold now on ETSY: 

For more info on FEVERlacquer "I Blame the Fireworks" and other products you can visit: 

So what do you think of this mani? Is this not the most rocking holo bar glitter polish ever? It really looks like fireworks. 


  1. If you ladies say "wow" now, wait till you see it in person. It's an easy top ten for me.

  2. wow gorgeous! I blame the fireworks reminds me so much of my Sally Hansen Confetti, may it RIP