Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stash Addition: A few China Glaze Colors

Sally's Beauty Supply is having a sale on all their China Glaze polishes this month. Buy 2, get $1 off and you get a free gift bag. So I picked up a couple of colors. I love China Glaze. Aside from my own artisan polish, this is my favorite brand. I love the formula and they really have the most exciting colors out there in my opinion. I usually love every collection they release. 

Cute FREE bag

China Glaze Flying Dragon
China Glaze Lubu Heals

Flying Dragon is a purple neon polish with fine blue and pink glitters. It dries completely matte and is really amazing!!! I love it!

I've had this polish on my radar for a while. I have the sister polish "Ruby Slippers", so I wanted this one too. 

Here's what these polishes look like with topcoat: TRANSFORMED! 

So what do you think of these colors? Are you a ChG fan? What's your favorite brand of polish? 


  1. I have Flying Dragon too and love it! I didn't realize Sally's was having this sale. I may have to stop by there this weekend and do some browsing!

  2. I've never seen Flying Dragon before, very pretty!

  3. it's amazing what top coat does!!

  4. Flying Dragon is awesome! Why don't I have it yet? LOL

  5. Thanks for the heads up - did not see the new Sally's ad so did not know about the discount on ChG this mo - wonder if it's only for the wall shades or the ltd collection ones too? Not that I am excited for any of the ChG holiday joy polishes - I bought 1 of them and that's all I am getting. As for Flying Dragon - good one - and did ya know there are a couple versions of FD? I had a mini bottle I either got with buying something else or was given to me - I was nuts over the shade and ordered another of FD in full size - it's a different shade! I should look on line to see who has comparison photos of this...I like both is darker and has more purple the other looks like yours. Both shades you got are great ones and I love those little bags - I use them for putting jewelry into & they make great little bags to put a little gift into for someone.

    1. Oh and my fav brand you asked...I am still a big old fan of OPI but I do really like ChG - it's right up there as a really close second.

    2. It's funny you say that, because they had swatch spoons with the display, and when I looked at the spoon for FD it looked nothing like what was in the bottle. I could tell they weren't the same colors at all. And I've come to the conclusion that OPI and ChG are like the Coke and Pepsi of polish, because people favor one or the other. Thanks for your comment. :)