Sunday, November 4, 2012

My $12 Sally Beauty Supply Birthday Haul

I go to Sally Beauty Supply pretty regularly. Their prices are reasonable since I don't have any trouble getting my hands on good coupons from them from Traci at The Traceface Philes and through my email. They also carry a lot of my "go-to" nail care supplies. 

I got a coupon in my email for a FREE bottle of Finger Paints Polish with a Beauty Club Renewal. So this lovely polish cost me nothing! 

A gorgeous reddish-pink polish with gold shimmer in it. 

I use these gentle buffers to finish the edges of my nails before painting. They work well but dull quickly. Good thing they are very inexpensive. 

I wanted to try this base coat. It's for special needs nails: peeling and chipping. I have battled peeling and chipping all my life and while I've been using Orly strengtheners for a while, I figured I'd throw a bottle of this treatment into my routine and see if it improves anything. I'll let you all know. 

I love these disposable towels. They make clean up after nail art a breeze. They are also lint and particle free, so you don't get crap stuck in your nails when you use them. I also use them in my nail polish lab. So I go through them rather quickly. 

This brand of cuticle remover is new to me. So far I like it and it's a reasonable price for the size. 

So my grand total with a few coupons was only $12. How did I do? 

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  1. Awesome deals!! I can't wait to see if that basecoat works, I've wanted to try it :]