Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ladies' Nail/Wine Night: My Friends' Nails

Every week I host a ladies' Wine/Nail Night. We drink wine, catch up on gossip and I paint everyone's nails. Here was this week's designs:

 Annabelle's "Little Girl" Nails
This mani is a cutesy combo of my sparkly pink "Flamingo" polish combined with bright red stamping. 

Lis's "Blue Sparkle" Nails
Lis, who is normally very wild with her manis, chose this simple but glitzy manicure of Hits Specialita glitter polish. 

Sarah's "Cheetah Print" Nails
Sarah wasn't sure what she wanted. So I came up with combo of my "Tea" nail polish. I did accent nails with a glitter "frankenpolish" I made at home but chose not to sell. I stamped a bold cheetah print on top of the glitter. 

Lacie's "Elegant Espresso" Nails
Lacie chose my "Coffee" polish and decided on a gold accent-nail stamp. Subtle but very pretty!  

So what do you think? Which of this week's manicures is your favorite? Do you host parties with your friends like this? 


  1. They are all so pretty! Such great combos!!!
    My most favorite though is the Cheetah Print and the Elegant Espresso comes in second. LOL
    I can't wait for these to show up at my place already!!!

  2. I think my fave is your 'elegant espresso' It is such a simple mani but the accent nails top it off! I really like it, very pretty, something i would wear :)

  3. wow I like glitter nails and last ones, they're amazing! How you did that magic with nails?!

  4. i love the tea and the coffee nails!

    and no I don't.. but i think i may start getting people round! :)