Friday, October 19, 2012

QUICK, CLEAN and EASY Polish Removal: No scrubbing and even works on glitter!

I used to scrub away at my polish like everyone else, until I discovered the "hands down" easiest way to remove polish. At first, I thought it sounded like more trouble than it was worth. Now, I won't remove my nail polish any other way!

I know most of you have heard of removing polish with cotton and tin foil. This post is for those of you who haven't, or those of you who have been resisting trying it.

Here's what you need: 

Tin Foil
Just the regular kind you keep in your kitchen 

Balls, pads or squares: it doesn't matter what you use. Just try what you have on hand. You only need a piece big enough to cover your nail. 

Acetone (or other equally strong remover)
I prefer 100% acetone because it's inexpensive, works better than anything else I've tried and is readily available at stores (I buy mine from Walmart and Sally's Beauty Supply)

  1. Soak cotton in acetone
  2. Cover your nail with the cotton
  3. Wrap your nail and the end of your finger completely
  4. Set a timer for 5 minutes
  5. Pull the foil, cotton and all, off of your nail. Apply pressure as you pull it off. 
That's it!!!! 

For those of you that have tried this method, what do you think? For those of you who haven't tried it yet, I URGE YOU!!! DO IT!!!! I myself was hesitant. I'm not sure why, maybe I just didn't want to waste foil. However, now that I've tried this technique, I can't remove polish any other way. This is just far easier. 

So try it! What have you got to lose? Besides all that annoying scrubbing. 


  1. I already started doing this method when removing glitter mani and it really worked.

  2. Works amazing. I hated wasting too so I cut up the cotton square or circle into nail sized pieces and tore the foil into just big enough strips. Makes it super easy so you don't have to rip and tear as you go with foil covered finger tips.

  3. It works great, I just find it takes me forever to wrap each nail, etc and I always drip everywhere somehow! I think I prefer the glue method for glitter, but this method is really effective too.

    1. How well does the glue basecoat work? I have been wanting to try it, but afraid it will chip/peel quickly.

    2. The idea of my polish peeling off sounds like something I'm trying to avoid. Not encourage. LOL! Some love it, and others don't, from what I've read. I'd sure be curious to try it. :)

  4. The most perfect method! Works real easy and quick. Usually - by the time I finish covering one hand with the foil, I can already take off the other.
    Everyone must learn that! :-D

  5. Great tutorial! I found it works equally well with regular acetone-enriched nail polish remover. (We can't get straight acetone here in Germany.)

  6. I always do this it makes it so much easier to get glitter nail polish off :)

  7. I tried this method, but it really dries my nails and cuticles. I bought this week Essence peel-off base coat so I hope that I won't have this problem anymore.

  8. I was one of those people who resisted trying it for some reason. Then a few weeks ago I had some hardcore glitter on my nails and decided to try it. It worked amazingly well! No scrubbing and the glitter slid right off. I'm a convert for sure. :)

  9. i will try this! I always have a hard time removing glitter polish T^T nice info

    visit my blog ^^

  10. it works great!! just did it right before i got on here actually.

  11. Thanks for the comments! I love this method! I had to share it.