Monday, October 29, 2012

Ladies Nail/Wine Night: My Friends' Nails

 Every Tuesday night I host a little get together in my home for my closest lady friends. We drink wine, eat appetizers, sit around a campfire, catch up on the latest gossip and I paint everyone's nails. Here are some of this weeks designs:

Lis's Nails
My "Pumpkin" polish + Halloween stamping=

Destiny's Nails
My "Candy Corn" polish + Leaf stamping=

Vee's Nails
My "Rose" Polish + My "Black Cat" Polish + Halloween Stamping=

Jeanette's Nails
My "Candy Corn" polish + Fall Stamping='s not the same hands as above. They just picked the same design. :) 

So who's nails do you like best? 
Do you paint friends' nails for them? 
It's a fun way to stay in touch and to use all the polish I've been hoarding for all these years. 

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