Thursday, October 25, 2012

FAIL ART? Julep Orange Crackle + Black + Glitter = HALLOWEEN MANI

I decided I wanted to play around with the contents of my October Julep Maven box and here's the "unusual" mani I came up with: 

Remember the glitter pots Julep sent with the October Maven box?? I got the bright idea to "franken" with mine. I love this festive glitter polish I came up with. I will definitely be trying it again on a few of my fall manis. 

Although this mani is creative, I think it was just "too much". I have never been a big crackle fan, but I was excited to try the orange with black. My hubby said my "nails looked gross". What do you think? 

Did you do anything creative with your October Julep Maven box? 


  1. I agree with hubby ;) lol but I'm not a crackle fan! I thought about frankening with my glitter pots too. Looks fun!

  2. I'm with hubby. I'm not a crackle fan (though I like the color of this one) but I thought it looked okay with just the crackle over the black. Something about adding the glitter made it look...lumpy? I do think the glitter'll look good over something non-crackley though. =)

  3. I think I may franken with my glitters from this box too. I tried it loose, over a denim blue polish but it was so messy. I like crackles, but had pretty much hit my limit for owning them when this box came out. I basically got the box because I had really high hopes about the quick dry drops. . . They didn't blow me away though. :( I think the glitter polish obscured the crackle effect too much in your mani, but I bet that franken will look great over a smooth color!

  4. lol i agree with you hubby xD but its good for halloween ^^

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  5. I don't really like crackle but it's good for halloween :)

  6. You guys made me laugh!! Needless to say, this mani lasted about a day and got taken off and replaced with the quickness. :) I don't think I like Crackle as much as I convince myself I will.